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Hey, I’m Kawalpreet, a human from Earth helping local businesses to integrate and understand technology.

I'd always been very passionate about technology but I never wished to be a developer or an employee working for some big money making organisation. I always thought about having my own business or helping small business/startups converting them to a big reputable company. Therefore I started working with local businesses helping them use technology to expand their business; understanding business myself on the way.
I'm not just another programmer or a digital marketing guy. I have skills to understand and analyse a business and develop a what-I-so-say busotech strategy which map out to make business 10x in near future. I also freelance on backend technologies, content writing and digital marketing in my free time.

Work Experience


July 2019 - Current

Catriu is an ordering app for the restaurant with a touch of social media to create a one stop community for foodies. Publically available here


February 2018 - Current

A B2B product for meal box/tiffin providers to make their business standardized and online at low cost. Publically available here


May 2019 - Current

Another B2B product for gym owners to manage their gym effectively. Unlike gym managament softwares, focus from fitkype is to create an ecosystem with gym users to give them best service and increase gym productivity overall increasing gym brand name. Available on request only, going open source soon.

Crazy APIs

December 2018 - Current

A customized REST API developing service for anyone, anywhere. Service is available for both free and paid basis (upon API usage). Can be publically ordered on Scrapping Guys Website.

Scrapping Guys

March 2019 - Current

A web scrapping service for students' projects. Simply provide an URL and data to be scrapped and get scapping module in your desired language. Free and paid plans available on language selection basis and website scrapping policies. Available here.

Other Non-industrial Projects

PHP ERP Module

With use of web scrapping from Scrapping Guy, data was scrapped from college Student Management System official website with permission and displayed in a beautifully responsive way and on an Android app using webview. Module is open source and functions are documented so anyone can use it.

University Result Analytics

A database is made by automating university website for particular set of enrollment numbers. Various opertions are then performed to analyse students data and make analytic file out of it.

And it doesn't end here...

I'm always looking forward to meet new people. I love to learn new things and get exposure, always open for it. If you're the one, we can have a conversation anytime.
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